About Impact Central Penn

Make an Impact at Central Penn is a new initiative by our new Office of Advancement and Strategic Initiatives. For the first time, we are leveraging innovative technology, storytelling, and our community of supporters to raise important resources. These resources will help Central Penn College meet exceptional needs during this exceptional time in our college's history.


We are excited to bring our community together using this crowdfunding approach to resource raising. We hope you are excited by it, too.


Be sure to check back daily to visit the UPDATES tab in each campaign to see great stories, videos, and messages from faculty, staff, students, and alumni at Central Penn College.


Go Knights!

Central Penn College FAQ

Are contributions to these campaigns tax deductible?

No, they are not. However, changes to the U.S. tax code in 2017 increased the standard deduction for individual tax filers. This removed the ability of most Americans to receive a tax benefit by making charitable contributions. We hope our conversion to non-profit is complete by 2021 so we may soon offer tax advantages for contributions made to our college for those able to itemize such contributions.


Even though contributions are not tax deductible, it is vital that we raise money in support of our college, its mission, and our work in the community.

Is the Education Foundation still raising dollars and supporting students?

Yes, absolutely. We encourage you to continue to be a supporter of the Education Foundation at Central Penn College. Their mission is to provide direct student support in the form of scholarships. The campaigns we are running today via ScaleFunder are for initiatives the Foundation cannot fund. The dollars we are raising are not in competition with the Education Foundation. 

Who may contribute to these active campaigns?

We accept contributions at this time from businesses, partnerships, and sole proprietorship based in the United States as well as private individuals who are U.S. citizens. 

Your support is more than a donation - it is an investment in supporting the professional and career goals of our students. Contributions to Central Penn College are not tax deductible under the Internal Revenue Service code, and constitute no right to share or ownership in Central Penn College.